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Thread: New Thermostat

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    Hi! My husband and I want to install a new digital thermostat. Is it possible for us to do this ourselves, or do we need the "expertise" of a professional?

    Sorry for the lack of info. We have an all electric TRANE heat pump. We also need advice on the type or brand of thermostat that works best. Also, do the directions include how to calibrate it? Thanks for all the help.
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    What type of heat do you have? Furnace, furnace with A/C, heat pump, baseboard, electric wall heaters? If a furnace, what fuels it? Gas, electricity, oil, kerosene, wood, bunker fuel, hog fuel, cow chips?
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    Generally speaking replacing a thermostat is and easy DIY project. Just follow the instructions that come with the unit. You will however need to know if it is or is not a line voltage thermostat that you are replacing. Be sure to shut off the power the the furnace, boiler, or heat pump while working on it.
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    You will need a Heat Pump Stat and have to know what type of fuel your furnace uses gas, elec, etc. Instructions should explain

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