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    Default Water Distribution Pipe Sizing

    Hello all,

    I'd greatly appreciate some input regarding water distribution pipe sizing. I'm installing water pipes from my meter in the basement to the 2.5 baths plus a laundry room & kitchen sink. I've been vacilating between using a 3/4" and 1" distribution pipe. Here are the stats: The distance from the street to the meter in the basement is 54'. The pipe from the street is 5/8" in diameter. From the meter to the hot water heater near the rear of the basement where the chimney is located is 34'. And the distance from the street to the furthest faucet in the system comes in at 125 feet. In the attached plans 1 block = 1 foot.

    First Floor:
    Second Floor:

    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: Water Distribution Pipe Sizing

    Howdy if i am understanding you the main service line is 5/8" pipe ... so the diameter of pipe you branch from it still only gets the 5/8" flow. So i would go with 3/4" & branch to 1/2" then 3/8" to the sinks and toilet fixtures.

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