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    Default Refinishing Tub and Sink

    I have a cast iron, porecelain coated bathtub and kitchen sink that both need to be either replaced or refinished. With money tight, I am thinking the most economical choice would be the just refinish both of them with refishing kits from the hardware store. I have seen two brands: Homax Tough as Tile, and Rustoleum refinishing kit. I have tried to find reviews on these products with mixed results. I assume if you do it correctly it turns out okay, but I was wondering if any of ya'll out there have used either of these products and have any advice or recommendations. Any help will be much appreciated. I'd hate to waste money and time on something that won't last or doesn't look good. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Refinishing Tub and Sink

    They don't last long.

    Even the professionally done, where they grind down the surface and re epoxy paint the porcelain, only last a short time.

    Our family has tried both in our apartments and can only recommend the professional route if all other work surrounding the tub is good.

    In other words, if the tile and wall covering is good and the flooring is good then saving money on a tub resurfacing is alright to gain another 5-7 years of use from a room.

    However there is no saving if you need to fix other things as replacing a tub and wall system with fiberglass isn't that expensive.

    The paint from the hardware stores will last a year and then start peeling around the drain or any where else an imperfection is revealed.

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    Default Re: Refinishing Tub and Sink

    I would not recommend it!! I wish I could remember the brand we bought, though. Sorry. It was a major brand bought at Home Depot.

    I ended up needing 3 cans of the stuff to do 1 regular sized tub (old cast iron/porcelain) at almost $30 a can, plus the cost of a respirater, steel wool, TSP and other supplies this project cost over $100. Also took many hours (over several days) of labor. I followed the directions to the "T" as I wanted it to turn out right. This included several rounds of TSP wet-sanding and rinsing, etc.

    Worst of all was the toxicity of the spray (dire warnings on the label). I used a respirator and still got light-headed. I was really concerned about the effects on my family and pets!

    Long story short, it began to peel within a couple of months and now is nearly all peeled off.

    Now I am getting bids for a professional refinish and/or replacement! Should've done that in the first place.

    Does anyone know if it is worth it to pay for a professional refinish?

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    Default Re: Refinishing Tub and Sink

    Quote Originally Posted by Kayster View Post
    Does anyone know if it is worth it to pay for a professional refinish?
    Depending on the usage of the tub/shower, it should easily last 3 to 5 years, much longer in a gentle use environment.
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    Default Re: Refinishing Tub and Sink

    never use the stuff from the big box stores, it will peel within months. The only way to resurface a tub is to do it professionally. www.resurfacespe******t.com

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