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Thread: A/C not working

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    Default A/C not working

    my central AC has not worked in years. the furnace/ac unit is 22 years old. I have received three estimates from $6,000 to $17,000. the least expensive one had a furnace/AC manufactured by "Goodwin." I never heard of that brand. The ac company seems ok they are a local family business started by the granddad 40+ years ago. I like them but the equipment has me concerned. Is it a good brand. I never heard of it before. It is getting hot and I need to get the ac working or my wife will kill me and the dog will bite me. Can you help me understand or find info on quality and reliability of heating A/C units?

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    I would ask the ac company for some literature on the product. Then I would ask how long of a warranty the product has. Ask for some references of customers they have supplied this unit to. Check the internet for a website of the company. Hope this helps.


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    are you sure the brand name isnt goodman?If it is I installed one in my house.There good furnaces, nothing fancy about them,very basic.Which means less things can go wrong and easier and cheaper to service.I would recomend a high efficiency model,definatly cut at least a third off your heating bill.Just make sure they dont oversize the unit's.#1 more upfront costs for equipment.#2 cost more to run

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