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    I am new to this forum but should have joined up years ago. I have been reading many posts while searching for the name of a product I saw on ask this old house a month or two ago. While I have been reading, I have been laughingly entertained by witty humor and informed by sound, informative knowledge. Thanks.

    Maybe you guys can help me. I saw an episode of ATOH where a zone controller was installed into a home in California. The resident was having issues with the temperature of her upstairs area being significantly hotter that the downstairs. So, ATOH installed a zone contol system that used small air bladders inserted into the duct work. The air bladders were connected to a controller located near the blower unit that housed an air pump. Wireless thermostats were installed into each room that comunicated with the control box.

    I am interested in this unit. Any assistance with locating the name of this product would be gratly appreciated.


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