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    Unhappy shower in trouble

    somebody help. my shower is leaking from the inside and out. the inside water is going under the floor of the bathroom and coming out into the back hall. i have towels on the floor as i email. the water from the shower itself is just dripping a study drip. how do i stop this. first the inside that going to another room and then the showerhead. i have lived here 10 years and never before a problem. could my shower parts just be old the house is 18 years young
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    Default Re: shower in trouble

    is it a tub/shower or shower stall?
    First off it sounds like you need some new washers to stop the drip.
    Second...if its a tub/shower is the caulking/grout 'tween the tub or shower pan loose or out? If so then you need to sc**** it clean and dry and recaulk.
    Its possible the shower body itself is leaking as well inside the wall but I sorta doubt it.
    Check the above first and get back at us.
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    Default Re: shower in trouble

    My shower was leaking the same way . The caulk where the shower " surround " met the shower pan needed to be removed and recaulked . Problem solved .

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