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    Post Spray foam insulation

    I am going to be building a relatively small (1600 sq/ft) new home here in northern Illinois. I have been advised by several of my friends to insulate the home with spray-in closed cell urethane foam insulation. I have also been searching and reading as much information about this technique as I can. I wanted to ask if you have experience with this and what you believe to be any advantages or disadvantages. My concern has been about moisture condensation. But what I understand is that the current thinking, by those companies who have been installing this for years, is that by sealing so completely, thus eliminating air currents condensation does not occur.

    I will be anxious to hear your thoughts.

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    Default Re: Spray foam insulation

    Check out the Insulation section and the thread "Does Spray Foam Insulation Really Work". I have it in my house and wrote a lengthy response there about its many pros and few cons.

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