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    Default Getting rid of stain smell

    I made the error of using Minwax Polyshades on an entire closet system I built. The stuff stinks, in two ways: Blotchy and odorous. After 3 months, the stain smell is still present. We have used a standard air cleaner, kept the doors open with a fan running, and even tried Febreeze, but the smell remains.

    This is even worse since it is a closet in our new baby's room and we don't like her being exposed. Any thoughts or advice? I am afraid I am going to have to tear the whole thing out, sand, and refinish. Never again Polyshades! Help!

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    Default Re: Getting rid of stain smell

    Try painting it with Shellac. Shellac is the ultimate sealer and is compatible with most any finish. If you buy pre-mixed Shellac, pay careful attention to the date on the can. Shellac does NOT have a long shelf life. Or you can buy Shellac flakes and mix per the directions to ensure freshness. This should seal the odor.

    FYI.Shellac's solvent is alcohol base which evaporates very quickly.

    Hope this helps!

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