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    Exclamation need help on light fixtures

    i need help on how to make four light fixtures that gets power supply to just one switch box..

    is it possible to have four lights hooked on just one switch? or to possibly make four way switch box in a one way switch box to feed electricity to the four lights?

    i would really appreciate if you guys could help me.

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    Default Re: need help on light fixtures

    Strip and wire 'em together. Plastic wire nuts, amps should be no problem.

    Poke around web for three way wiring connections, and add a 4th if you leave the room at opposite ends of the room.

    If you are using speaker wire guage, like 18+, really not good idea.
    Want 16 or smaller # -inverse is larger wire. 14 is ok.

    Get more help at your hardware store. Easier explained.

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    Default Re: need help on light fixtures

    Here's one way

    You will have to use 14 ga NM at a minimum nothing smaller is allowed for in wall wiring.
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