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    Default cooling home office/computer gaming room

    I got 26 year old house with a central air system. I have a home office that is about 12 by 12. The problem I am having is the office is usually 10-12 degrees warmer than the rest of the house (and I'm not even using all of my toys yet due to the heat). No matter what I set the thermostat the office temp never reaches something comfortable. The rest of the house is just fine and the office isn't too bad until I start playing games or working and these sessions can last 12 hours straight.

    I thought about a window-unit just for that room but the office is on the street side and it would be unsightly and probably loud. I def. don't want excessive sound to drown out the game sounds.

    Currently I have the ceiling fan on reverse to pull the hot air up and I have a box fan blowing the colder hallway air into the room.

    I'm not going to lie, I really don't know much about "homes" since this is my first one and I've only lived here three months.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Default Re: cooling home office/computer gaming room

    How is the supply air?? Is it working and is the damper opened all the way?? 12 X 12 you should probably have two 6" supplies and and a return in that room if you don't have one all ready. I can't see your house from here but I would check airflow first. Good Luck!!

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    Default Re: cooling home office/computer gaming room

    With the excess heat (from the toys, etc.) I would recommend a mini-split A/C system. Or maybe the house could be zoned? About the same cost. Good luck.

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