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    We bought our house 1 1/2 years ago and are tackling one reno at a time, mostly. The next project is the back yard. The fenceposts along one side (the driveway) are rotted and need to be replaced. Butting up against the inside of the same fence was a wooden deck that was built directly on the dirt. About 2 feet in from the fence in the center of the deck is a monster of a tree stump. Six months after we moved in, the utility company came and chopped the top off because it was mostly dead branches. Last summer I tried to keep the suckers under control, cutting them back as far as I could about once a month. I was hoping that our cold Ontario winter would kill the tree but no such luck. This year we need to fix the fence, and in order to do that the wooden deck had to go. We removed it piece by piece and cleaned up the garbage.
    Now we look at the yard and don't know what to do with this big space. If we could kill the tree but leave the stump in the ground, it's big enough to use as a table cut to the right height. We need to fill to bring that space up to the level of the lawn that covers the rest of the yard. There are obviously lots of roots in that area so I don't want to lay brick or pavers and have suckers come through.

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    I have attached acouple of photos to show the beforeClick image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sounds like a plan. Hire a tree cutter, tell him you want to keep the stump and mark the height. Around the tree you can put plastic or vinyl barriers for the suckers and make your patio around it. A proper bed of stone and sand will prevent the growth you're anticipating. Plus those will level the yard.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    congrats on your new home. i recently watched roger show a mature woman how to "kill" a tree stump on ATOH (a home i am interested in has a stump dead center in the back yard). he told her it needs to be ground down 6" below the topsoil.

    this might be the one: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/vide...632340,00.html - or search "tree stump".

    you could alway use the grounds for mulch.

    just be careful and good luck!

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    We are in a small town in Northern Ontario and I don't think there is anyone with a tree grinder in town... any suggestions for preserving the stump to use as a table but killing the root system?

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