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    Question new water heater - yes or no?

    I have a 30 gallon hot water heater by HAO Smith. It's 17 years old. Should I replace it now with a 50 gallon or wait for a leak or other problem. Also can my handy husband replace it by himself or call a pro? Thanks!

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    Default Re: new water heater - yes or no?

    Howdy do you have a drain real close to the water heater? In case the heater blows and no one home the damages could be less. Check and see with your building department if codes will allow your husband to make the replacement.

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    Default Re: new water heater - yes or no?

    Yes, please replace it. Better safe than sorry....17 years is awfully old....

    If your husband is handy, he can easily replace the hot water heater by himself. The worse part is removing the old water heater, they can be heavy due to sediments and water left inside the tank.

    You can drain the water from tank from the faucet on the bottom but it is never that me on that..... I learn the hard way.
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