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    I am looking for a temporary, quick attic roof repair.
    My house is 50 years old. The roof is 13 years old.
    I noticed some leaking from my attic roof in a few places in the spring when all the snow and ice begin to melt off the roof. It is the area where I was walking around on the roof to do some painting. I guess all that walking on the roof wasnít very good for the shingles installation. I probably need a new roof, but canít find the $5K right now to pay for it.
    Iím looking for something that I can spray or brush on the attic roof (inside) to seal the plywood to keep it from leaking. I donít want to use something like a spray foam insulation. I also donít want to use tar. Picture me laying on my back on the attic floor, spreading something on the underside attic roof while itís dripping all over me. I think something more like a very thick paint. Iím not too worried about odor because I have a large fan in the attic to draw out the heat in the summer.
    What do you recommend? Maybe just some cheep paint?]

    Also, is there a way to repair the damage to the top of the roof without replacing the entire roof? As I said, the roof is about 13 years old and itís only leaking in the area that I walked on. Itís an area where the roof meets a taller part of the house. Picture a house with a second floor on only half the house. Itís the lower roof section that Iím talking about.

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    DO NOT try to seal the problem from the inside, you'll only make matters worse for yourself! Roof leaks can only be repaired from the top. Also, just because there is a visible leak where you were walking earlier, does not mean that is the actual location of the leak. It is quite common for leaks to happen further up the roof line and travel before being noticed .

    What it will take to repair the problem depends on what the problem is. A couple damaged shingles can be replaced. Holes can be patched, and many other miscellany of damage repaired.
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