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    Default 20-year guarantee

    We have an 100-year old house in northern New England which desperately needs painting. There is a a company offering a spray-on, extra tough, ceramic coating system for a premium price that has a 20 year guarantee not to chip, crack or peel. Recommend or no?

    1. Is this too good to be true?
    2. Will it hurt our old house? Can it breathe?
    3. Seems like repairs/ additions might be a problem?

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    Smile Re: 20-year guarantee

    It is not too good to be true. You have your facts wrong. The warrantee is for a lifetime and it is transferrable to the next owner. Yes it does work as it is an elastomeric ceramic coating that is put on by spray and is a three coat process. The stuff works like nothing you have ever seen and it is made by 3M.
    Try calling Rhinoshield at 1 860 966 2022 and see if they will send a rep out to see you.

    I live in Connecticut so I only have their Ct. number but the home is in Mass.

    Bruce lloyd

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    Default Re: 20-year guarantee

    Do your homework! There have been a number of discussions here with this type of finish failing miserably! With any luck, one of the other regulars here remembers the topics and can find them. At the moment, I'm not finding them.
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    Default Re: 20-year guarantee

    Yes...the breatheability factor MAY be HUUUUGE here!!!

    Old homes have notoriously bad insulation, unless it's been remodeled.
    * The PLUS side of this is that they breathe well...therefore humidity exits easily.
    * IF this coating doesn't breathe well (which I doubt), you MAY create a series of undesireables, such as increased mold/mildew tendencies, window-fogging, and similiar issues.
    * I'd read very deeply into warranties/exclusions of this stuff!!!


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