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    Default Attic renovation, Radiant heat barrier?

    I have a 28 ft. X 35 ft. unfinished attic in N. New Jersey that currently has three skylights and two double hung windows. Before I begin converting the space with new electric, insulation and sheetrock etc. I wanted to know if anyone had any info about installing aluminum radiant heat shield material between the rafters -- right against the sheathing before the vent trays and R19 bat insulation? Everything I've read on the web or heard from local contractors is only about installing large foil sheets on top of the rafters over the bat insulation. Am I wrong to think that it would be better to stop the radiant solar heat before it hits the insulation? Or should I put it on the attic side of the vent trays allowing for hot air and moisture to flow out the ridge vent? But wouldn't this still trap too much heat between the sheathing and the trays, after all the ridge vent can only expel so much air at a time.

    Thanks, LJG3

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    Default Re: Attic renovation, Radiant heat barrier?

    The issue is cooking your roofing. Any space you can leave will be helpful. I would consider adding a recessed cleat to the inside of the rafters to allow for air flow. Push aluminum coated ridged insulation panels against the cleats, making it flush with the front edge of rafters...skip the other products (ie, R19, redi-vents); then mount sheetrock, etc.
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