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    Our HVAC system has no filter. We never realized it when we moved in and never did anything about it when we found out. Now we have a new child and want to get it taken care of. What's involved and is it something a home owner can handle?

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    Your system should have the capability of utilizing a filter, either at the return air grills within the house or inside the air handler. This is absolutely something that you can do yourself, all you need to know is what size filter to purchase. The best type of filter is the pleated type. You may also want to consider having your ducts cleaned. If your system has been without filters there will be significant dust build up within the system that will just be blown all over the house, regardless of installing a filter now.
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    Putting a filter on your return air........... Man, just boggles my mind.......... I'd call in a pro I think.

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