We replaced the 3 prong outlets in a bedroom and also replaced the overhead ceiling light.

These worked fine for 4 months. Then all the outlets went dead as did the ceiling light. We checked the breaker and found that it had tripped.

First we got a new breaker (the old breaker was original to the home which is 38 years old). That did not take care of the problem.

We then checked the connections in the light to make sure the wire nuts had not loosened up. The wire nuts were nice and tight.

Next we pulled all the outlets and replaced them thinking that one of them were bad (this after we checked to make sure all the wires were placed properly and that the ground wired was connected correctly).

They are outlets where you push the wires into the back of the outlet and then tighten down the screws.

We then turned on the breaker with the outlets attached but still sticking out of the wall 2 inches and success. The outlets all worked as did the light.

We pushed the outlets back into the wall (the boxes in the wall are metal and original to when the house was built) and put the covers back on.

We turned the breaker back on and it tripped again.

Obviously the problem is somewhere in these outlets. We're wondering if something is making contact and causing the breaker to trip.

Would putting electrical tape over the screws where the wires are attached possibly help? We are stumped.