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    Default Faucet Seat Retainer Bowl

    Does anyone know where to obtain faucet seat retainer bowls?
    When the rim of the faucet seat is in bad shape, you can file the seat flat and install a retainer bowl. The washer will then sit in the retainer bowl, which has become the seat.
    If this is confusing here are a couple of photos from "Ask This Old House":,00.html[/COLOR]


    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Faucet Seat Retainer Bowl

    You should be able to buy faucet retainer washers at a plumbing supply house or hardware store. They can also be found on line if you search for faucet washer retainer.
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    Default Re: Faucet Seat Retainer Bowl

    Thanks much, I found it ******.
    I searched using all of the variations I could thank of to no avail.
    Using your suggestion I found 'em.
    Thanks again.

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