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    Default Just for laughs, lets share some stories

    about some of everyones worst moments in doing home repairs?
    whether you caused them, or they were inherited from previous owners.
    Our first home, we were doing some remodeling and had torn down some drywall and found alot of cotton balls inside a wall. We did not understand this until a neighbor told us that a older lady who had owned the home before us, used to stick cotton balls in the hole to keep out bugs and that over time, the wall became full of cotton balls.
    We also found alot of keys inside this same wall, but the neighbor had no clue as to why she put them in the wall.
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    Default Re: Just for laughs, lets share some stories

    Lol...wall full of cotton balls

    Now that's something

    Good thing there were no kids around who might have mistaken the wall for a candy machine that popped out yummy looking gum balls.
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