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    Unhappy Cracked and raised sidewalk, no trees around

    Our home and sidewalk is about 3 years old. It was hot (100 degrees yesterday). This morning a part of the sidewalk was elevated and cracked. There are no trees around. Any ideas as to the cause? Any solutions?

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    Default Re: Cracked and raised sidewalk, no trees around

    You don't have a location listed but there are a lot of places where the ground cracks and heaves when there is a heat wave just like when the ground freezes.

    Expansion joints are our friends. My best guess is that the expansion joints in your walkway weren't deep enough or there, the soil twisted a little under the walkway and boom instant mess.

    We live on a living surface, you can't count on it to stay un-affected by heat, water and pressure.
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    Default Re: Cracked and raised sidewalk, no trees around

    Yup, I think Deb nailed it. It is fairly common for sections of sidewalk to expand and pop up in the summers around here. On occasion we have freeway section do the same thing. When these sections are replaced by the municipality, the old is removed and the new is poured back into the same hole. There is no additional work done to allow for future expansion because the new segment is no longer attached to the rest of the sidewalk.
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