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    Default Switches sunk in wall after remodel..help??

    So my fiance and I rented out my old house and remodeled the kitchen. We put up ceramic tiles around the back of the sink as a back splash but didn't realize the switchplate covers wouldn't sit correctly, the outlets sink in the wall to far back. I have been looking for a recessed switchplate but have had no luck. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Switches sunk in wall after remodel..help??

    Can you post a picture of your predicament?

    There are plaster rings that are used to shim switches and outlets flush with the wall surface so that plate covers can be installed properly. If the hole in the tile is too large for a standard cover plate to hide, then purchase what's call "goof plates", which are slightly larger than a standard cover plate.

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    Default Re: Switches sunk in wall after remodel..help??

    Sounds like you left the devices screwed tight to the boxes and put the tile up?

    You need to have the devices sitting flush with the outside face of the tile. I would think you could remove the screws and wiggle them out if you have the ears covered with tile.

    If the screws end up being too short you can get lnger ones at the hardware store. Ask for flat head six thirtytwo's..... they will know what you're talking about.

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