I had an interesting discussion with the guy who came out today for an estimate. I asked him, "Would a copper finned boiler last as long as a cast iron boiler?" His reply, "Would you really want it to?"

His rational: Yes, a copper finned boiler has maybe half the life of a cast iron boiler, but it offers two important things:
  1. Low operating cost - important but the second item is what really caught my ear.
  2. The opportunity to take advantage of new, more efficient boiler technology sooner.

That was an interesting observation. He mentioned that there's some very impressive tech coming down the pipe for commercial and residential heating. A copper finned boiler may only have an 18 to 20 year work life, but it would make available higher efficiency technology at an earlier time frame.

I won't be living in this building in 18 to 20 years, but someone will. I'm not totally sold, but it's something to think about and consider.