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    Unhappy bugs/millipedes in tub drain

    I live in a 2 year old walkout ranch in the midwest. Just recently i've noticed millipedes and other bugs coming from the drain in the tub. We have a septic tank and i've also noticed that when i open the cap to clean the filter every 2-3 weeks, there seems to be alot of flies in there. Is this related to the drain bugs? How can i get rid of this problem? I dont want to bathe my kids in that tub. It hasn't affected any other drains. Please help.

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    Default Re: bugs/millipedes in tub drain

    I am by no means an expert in plumbing and prefer for most things to be done by a plumber but will try to help you as best as I can as your problem is very unpleasant to say the least.
    My knowledge about plumbing mainly comes from watching this Old House and other home improvement shows and talking to plumbers who have come to my house so please check with a professional plumber.
    Based on what I have heard and on what I have talked to plumbers about and some past experience with a very serious drain problem at our house I think you have two problems.
    The first problem you have with your tub drain is too much pitch which is allowing the water to drain out too fast thus also allowing the trap at your tub to get dry which is also allowing the bugs into your tub. Other drains may be just fine but still somewhere else the pitch of the drain may be at fault there too.
    The second problem I think you have is that somewhere between the septic tank and your house you might have a break in your sewage line that is allowing bugs to get into your house. My advice is to call a plumber in who specializes in drains and has a special camera that can look down your drain and all the way into your septic tank and only in that manner are you really going to find out for sure what is going on. Please be sure to mention to the plumber when he or she comes what I think it could possibly be and then let the plumber take the lead as he or she will know best what to do next. I wish you luck and know how frustrating having a bad drain can be. Please keep the community advised as to how you are doing. I know I would like to know more myself. Good luck!

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    Default Re: bugs/millipedes in tub drain

    Pipe must be broken. I am sure that the pipe must be fix to correct the problem.

    I found a website that may help you find the right information to clear the problem up until the pipe is fixed: drain flies, moth flies drain fly control treatment

    You can always call this company located at new york pest control.

    Good Luck!

    KG Fouts

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    Default Re: bugs/millipedes in tub drain

    It does sound that perhaps a broke occur in a pipe somewhere. I know this is a DIY help forum but I think your best advice would to be to find a professional plumber to help you. Especially being that you have young children in your house, you need to get this taken care of promptly and professionally.
    Find local, licensed plumbers in your area.

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    Default Re: bugs/millipedes in tub drain

    If there are breaks in the plumbing then you have bigger problems than insects.

    Centipedes and other insects like silver fish or sow bugs aren't known to be amazing swimmers to be able to crawl through the drain pipes and get through the water in the " P " traps.
    More often than not the insects are are coming form somwhere else and finding their way into the bathroom. They crawl around the sinks and tubs only to fall in and become trapped.
    Look for areas of penetration from crawl spaces , along base boards , sink cabinets , wall cavities, etc,. Many times finding lots of insects that thrive on damp enviorments have resulted in finding problems with wet walls or floors from leaks.

    Also here is a link for some information ........
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