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    Question Locating 'door dippers'

    Hi All. I'm trying to find someone who can dip my doors to remove the paint.

    I have 100 year old solid wood (beautiful!) with about 8 layers of paint on them, no doubt the last ones are lead based.

    I've attempted to strip them myself, but figure the process will take about 8 months to complete

    I'm trying to find a business who can chemically strip the doors, but have no idea how to locate such a business.

    Does anyone have ideas or previous experience with this process? Any help is appreciated!


    Tim Hild

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    Default Re: Locating 'door dippers'

    I've had doors and a dresser 'dipped' and they have come out very well. (Some will tell you not to do it, as the process may raise the grain - but I had no problem). A local antique dealer in my area did paint stripping with this method as a side job; I found him in the yellow pages. If there is no such listing in your area I'll bet the antique dealers would know where you can find someone who can help you.

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