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    Post removing oleanders

    I bought a house 13 years ago and there were oleanders around two sides of the yard that were providing shade during the hot Arizona summers. They were as tall as my house. They have now become a mess. The are laying down and have many dead branches. I am also allergic to them and need to get them out of the yard. Any suggestions!! My friends say that I am stuck with them and that is not a solution. Some of the stalks are over an inch in diameter.

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    Default Re: removing oleanders

    Oleanders are a very hardy plant and with some selective pruning could be brought back to beauty. Since you are allergic and keeping the plants is not an option, simply cut them down and have the stumps removed. I am uncertain if grinding the stumps is an option due to the manner in which these things grow, I would also be leery to leave the chip debris behind if you're allergic to the plant.
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