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Thread: IDing Tile???

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    Question IDing Tile???

    I am trying to ID some tile in my Bathroom and also wondering if it is still available. It is around the edge of the tile floor on the wall it is roughly 5 3/4 wide, 5 3/4 tall and 3/4 inch thick and the top is rounded over. It is in a late 1940's bungalow style house. It is black in color. It appears to take up the gap between the edge of the floor tile and the wall. The floor tile is 2 1/4 squares with 3/4 squares set in the corners in a black and white pattern. The large tiles have the corners cut to accept the smaller black tiles in the corners. I am looking right now for the tile that are around the edge on the wall.

    I have searched ****** and have yet to see anything like this and when looking at Lowes and Home Depot nothing that wide 3/4 or tall to take up the space from the floor tile to the wall. If it is not available what can I use to change it over to accommdate the gap and have it look presentable besides removing the floor and staring over??

    Any information or ideas and links to where I can look at what is available would be helpful...

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