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    Default Fireplace Restoration

    brooklyn, new york brick townhouse with several fireplaces. I want to restore one or two and have heard of a technique that allows flexible metal tubing to be inserted minimizing any internal living space damage. I don't know where to find an expert who can help with this in my area. Any ideas?

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    While I don't have a fireplace of my own I have heard of what you are talking about too both on This Old House and Hometime. On This Old House though is where I heard about it being done in a retrofit situation. Usually with gas inserts and not with wood burning although I believe I have heard of that same thing being used for wood burning.
    Since you live in Brooklyn New York I doubt very seriously that you would want to be burning wood anyway. I took the liberty of looking up a company on the internet and have the web address here it is . I have no idea where their dealers are located but their products looked good and I assume they have very skilled dealers who can professionally install what you need as this I don't encourage do it yourselfers to do since we are talking about potential carbon monoxide problems. Anyway good luck!

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