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Thread: very old faucet

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    Unhappy very old faucet

    I have a very old hot and cold faucet in my basement that leaks profusely. No one seems to know how to repair it other than replacing the faucet. I could do that, but can't seem to find one that will accomodate without tearing the whole plumbing line out. The faucet is the original to the house built in 1926. Please help! Thank you.....

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    Wink Re: very old faucet

    Check with, they carry a lot of old stuff. You might be able to find repair parts or a replacement.


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    Default Re: very old faucet

    All old faucets are repairable. Shut of water, remove handle and packing nut, replace washer and screw, its probably rotted off and needs redrilling and re threading unless the screw is soft enough to pick out with a dental tool. If the washer screw is headless but sticking out enough use a very small vice grips to grab it and unscrew it.

    There are a number of different size washers and screw so you may need to take th eassembly to a hardware store or plumbing supply house to get the brass screw and neoprene washer sized right. Lowes or Hdepot may work too.

    Re face the seat with a face re grinding tool if chipped.
    Re assemble with new graffite packing unless just tightening will keep the handle free moving and not leaking.

    Use plumbers grease on threads.

    That is all.
    All old stuff was made to be repairable.

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