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    Default Paint over wallpaper on plaster wall

    The previous owners of my home painted over wallpaper on the plaster walls in the living. I want to change the color and considered continuing to paint over the wallpaper. However, the seams of the wallpaper overlap and are visible under the paint. Is there an "easy" way to remove the wallpaper? Do I just follow normal steps to remove wallpaper? Please help!

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    Default Re: Paint over wallpaper on plaster wall

    Use a wallpaper steamer. Used correctly it removes the wallpaper and does nothing to the plaster.

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    Default Re: Paint over wallpaper on plaster wall

    The key point in your question was, "is there an EASY way?". The easy answer is NO.

    I've used a lot of different strippers and tools and the Plaster Maestro's suggestion about using a steamer is the best answer you'll get. But it's still not easy.

    It's also not as messy, relatively inexpensive ($50-$60 for the steamer at HD), supplies are cheap (just add water), and very easy to go back and catch little pieces of paper that you missed.

    Go buy a steamer. You'll be glad you did.

    Good Luck.

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