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    Question heated side in or out?

    I watched an episode in which Tom said that the kraft facing on an insulation batt was to be on the heated side which is what I always thought. Now what I thought he said but not sure is that if you live in a climate that the outside is hot more than it is cool then the heated side is the outside. I live in south carolina where it is hot, but I had asked many people and they actually said, after thinking about it that they arent sure. In my line of work I see alot of mold on the ceilings. Is that a possible reason why? I hope someone has a real answer to this.
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    Default Re: heated side in or out?

    I think the reason for the mold has more to do with humidity than heat. I reallt doubt that turning the insulation around will make a difference. However, there is foil backed insulation which is more common in commercial applications which must be turned out rather than in. It works by blocking the radiant heat form entering the building. To reduce mold and mildew you must reduce the humidity with good ventilation. Perhaps even employ the use of dehumidifiers.

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