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    Default Tree limb supports

    I have several very large avocado trees that need to have their limbs supported. They are sagging to the ground level. Does anyone have a simple "how to do it yourself" support system that I could build. The internet does not have anything useful. I think something in wood would be easiest to make. Suggestions gratefully accepted. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Tree limb supports

    One easy way to do it quickly and cheaply is to cut a "V" or rounded shape out of the end of a 2"x4" (or larger if you have large branches). Then simply plug the board in the ground at the right height for any particular branch and rest the limb on the cut-out.

    If it's too wobbley, you could always stake the board and rope it off in two or three places to stabalize it.

    Doesn't look good, but it will work.


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