OH boy here we go. I'm about to check the other threads for bits of info I need, but I thought I'd write my story and get as much feedback as possible while I'm looking!

My husband and I are about to make an offer on our first home. Here's the basic info and questions are below. Any and all comments or advice is welcomed and MUCH appreciated!

- 3 units, laid out next to each other.
- No water issues in any basements and water table is not an issue.
- Left unit built by a DIY 20 yrs ago on garage in good condition. Up to code? Unknown but likely only minor issues.
- Middle unit, built in 1850. GORGEOUS huge fieldstone foundation (stones are about 4' by 3' average). Owner stopped taking care of it two years ago. Water damage from broken boiler increased humidity. White mold spots on almost all wood. Beautiful large rough hewn timber beams.
- Left unit built 35 yrs ago by DIY owner. Dug the foundation and all himself. No visible sagging or cracking so he must have done something right.

- New roof and new design on framing to combine units 2 and 3. We may just do two roofs that look alike. We can't stand slanted walls in the upstairs bedrooms.
- Currently all units have own oil systems. We want something other than fossil fuels.
- Electrical panels were updated 10 years ago. We want new wiring and removal of unused knob and tube.
- New septic design in hand. No issues there.
- Plumbing is copper in the middle house. Some patching done by DIY.
- Middle and left house will be gutted by us as much as we can do. We'll reclaim many items (tubs, sinks, windows).

- Lowest maintenance possible for all items we invest in.
- As energy efficient as possible as well as low water use items.
- Secure 'bones' of the house. We'll forego a granite countertop for better structural integrity!
- Natural lighting as much as possible (I like the idea of sunlight reflective tubes).
- geothermal well to serve our heating (hot water too) and cooling needs. We live in the Northeast.

MY QUESTIONS for those of you out there that have the gift of experience :
- Can I save significant money if I have the land excavated for a geothermal loop system at the same time that a septic is done?
- I've read that you shouldn't put a geothermal loop near your septic tank. Is this true?
- What kind of general costs should I expect when reframing a roof?
- Anyone else dealt with white fuzzy mold on wood?
- We are getting a 203K FHA loan to do these repairs. The estimated time of completion must be within 6 months. Think I'm crazy yet LOL?
- How much can I expect to get for copper piping?
- We're planning the floor plan around where the plumbing currently is. We think this will save us money. Your thoughts?
- My thought is that we should spend 30K on reroofing, 10K on foundation securement (if needed), 20K on septic, 5K on 'wrapping' the home properly and siding, 5K on the correct insulation, 30K on geothermal installation including new ductwork and furnace...just throwing out some kind of uneducated figures.

OKAY. Yes. We may be crazy, but I truly believe we can do this. We're both on board, have a hell of a lot of energy for this, no kids, can live in the apt above garage while most renovations occur, and have a lot of passion to be guardians of our land.

I'd love to hear comments or bits of info that you have!