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    Default How to run pipes on slab foundation w/out blowing up my floor?

    We need to expand 1/2 bath to include a shower for my elderly mother but don't want disturb the slab foundation.Any suggestions for running pipes / tapping into the sink or toilet lines above ground level?

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    Default Re: How to run pipes on slab foundation w/out blowing up my floor?

    In some houses, the water lines are in the walls but you still have to did up the slab to run the drains. Even if your water lines do run under the slab, you may still be able to tap into a part that is above the slab and run the new sections through the walls or baseboard.

    You will need a concrete cutting blade for your skil saw to cut the slab exactly where you want the drain to go. When you run the new drain, you won't have so much slab to replace. Run the drain to the nearest outside wall, then trench around the outside of your foundation to the nearest cleanout. You should be able to connect to the drain system from there.

    Good luck.

    You might want to consider removing the whole slab under the new shower stall. By doing that, you could put in a new slab with a slope so that you can make a curbless shower. This would remove a trip hazard and if sized right, she could even access it in a wheelchair. If you do this, try to find the hex shaped 1" mosaic tiles, they have the highest coefficient of friction. They are hard to put in even so they look good, but if done right, they are elegant.
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