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    Default Why are my pipes humming?

    Recently, the pipes under my bathroom sink have begun making a loud humming sound when the water is turned on. It is sporadic and happens with both cold and hot water. Does this indicate a problem and what can I do to remedy the situation? Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Why are my pipes humming?

    There is probably a loose washer or some other loose part in the faucet, in the stops below the sink, or in some other valve elsewhere in your house. When water flows over this loose washer, it vibrates creating the humming noise.

    Fixing this will require disassembling things. Start with the faucet, and make sure everything looks tight and well-fitting. (If it's a cartridge faucet, many manufacturers have lifetime warranties and will provide replacement parts for free. You can also get replacement parts at most hardware stores, plumbing supply houses, and big-box home improvement centers.) Then work your way back along the plumbing until you find the problem or the symptoms go away.

    If it still insists on humming, teach it the words.
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    Default Re: Why are my pipes humming?

    Eventhough it might only be effecting this faucet, it is possible that you have high water pressure. There are gauges that you can screw onto a faucet to measure the psi. If you do find high water pressure, you can have a pressure reducing valve installed.

    Aside from that, there may be an old washer as previously suggested.

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