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    Default 2 1/2" thick flooring installation

    I picked up some beautiful, old 2 1/2" x 7" Doug Fir roof decking (tongue and groove) that was removed from a deconstructed warehouse. My main question is about installation. It's going in my timberframe workshop in Maine. Since it's so thick, can I just screw through the tongues with a finish head screw? The floor timbers are about 24" apart. I figured that I would try this and see what happens, and then maybe face screw/plug if I needed later. I've come across a product called tongue-tite from the UK that is designed for this, but nothing over here.

    A second question involves the wood's previous life as roof decking. It was planed a little bit but there are still some spots where roof tar stained the wood. Is there a way to remove tar stains from wood. I don't mind the look, as it's just in a workshop. If the stains are too deep, will a floor finish seal in the tar, so I minimize the tar odor?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Jim in Maine
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