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    Default wall sconce switching

    I bought two new wall sconces for my house wich has just finished construction. I thought they had a switch on the fixture itself but they do not and there was never a switch put in for them just the wiring. So they are hardwired in the wall and i have no way of turning them on.
    I would like to not have to open the wall up as the house is finished. Is there some sort of addapter for the socket out there?
    Any help is great:

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    Default Re: wall sconce switching

    I would talk to the electrical contractor responsible for the wiring in your home to find out how the sconce outlets were wired, then back trace it to the most convenient location and install a switch. This should not be that big of a deal and would only require the addition of the switch box and up to two outlet boxes, depending on how it was wired to begin with. Also, was the sconce outlets originally designated as switched outlets? If so, then it would be on the electrical contractor or the general contractor to correct their mistake.
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    Default Re: wall sconce switching

    Any electrician worth his pay check should be able to add a wall switch with little or no damage to the walls. Barring that, depending on the type of sconce a switch could be drilled and installed in the canopy.

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    Default Re: wall sconce switching

    Or you can have an X10 relay installed in the base of the sconces but you would also need an X10 controller

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    Default Re: wall sconce switching

    wiring in a switch would not be hard(or messy). wirirng a switch where you want the switch to be can be a whole nother can of worms. be flexible,if you can. as said before a competent electrician can do any thing,all it takes is time and money. his,or hers time and your money. save the electricians time and you will save your money.

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