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    Default Repair ceiling leak

    Hello TOH users-

    Forgive me for the long post, I hope you can help with some advice for my gross ceiling leak. I live in an apartment and my upstairs neighbors decided to defrost their fridge. They unplugged the dinosaur, opened the door and went away for the weekend . Fast forward to me arriving home to the brown raindrops falling down from my kitchen ceiling and the seam along the wall was leaking brown rivulets of yuck. From the size of the puddle on the floor and the amount of water before I got home to when it finally stopped the next day, I know it leaked in our kitchen for over 12 hours.
    The ceiling is a slightly dropped, tile ceiling. When I explained what happened to my landlord, he suggested coming in and drilling small holes into the ceiling to spray some sort of non-toxic substance that is supposed to dry the leak and prevent mildew or mold. I asked if he planned on opening up the ceiling to dry it out first and he said no. I don't know anything about leaks, so I'm hoping someone can help tell me if this is an ok way of repairing this or if he's being lazy. I'm really afraid of mold or mildew growing where the ceiling clearly has cracks. I'm especially concerned because of the color and smell of the water that was raining down on us. (It was really gross.) There leak was not a torrential downpour, just a steady drop (maybe every 2 seconds) from 4 different points in the ceiling. The seam just seemed to weep- it didn't really flow down heavily.
    Thank you very much for any help or advice anyone can give.
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