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    Plumbing Question:scalding hot water I bought a 1980 home in central Florida 4 years ago. This home has been re-plumbed sometime in the past. The original copper water under slab piping has been completely replaced with cpvc. All new piping runs thru the attic and whoever did the replacement piping ran it about 4 ft. above the attic insulation attaching the pipes to rafter bracing. In the hot Florida summer the cold water coming from the faucets is scalding until enough runs (two or three minutes) that it's replaced by cold water from meter. I have insulated the pipes with R2/R4 foam tube insulation from Home Depot/Lowes. No improvement at all. What can I do before my grandchildren (or me) get burned with scalding hot water? Help!

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    Just an amateur opinion here, but...

    If it were me, I'd look at re-plumbing the house. Not fun, I know, but I don't know of a way to really correct the issue otherwise (then again, I'm in Minnesota; this kind of problem sounds really foreign to me).
    I recently finished tearing out the copper supply lines in my house and replacing it all with PEX. Wasn't as bad as you'd think, price-wise or effort.

    In the meantime, have you looked into "scald-free" faucet replacements?

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    Default Re: scalding hot water

    Because you don't have a frost problem, I would suggest re routing the plumbing. Possible burying it around the perimeter of the house and entering where necessary.
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