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    Default Drywall Seems - Bubbles in Tape

    I recently underwent my first drywall project in my house and noticed after my first round of taping and mudding of the wall and ceiling seems, some bubbles appeared in the tape. I used the pre-folded non-adhesive tape for the seems. The compound has since dried and the bubbles remain. Can someone please advise on what to do to remove the bubbles or is it a lost cause and I need to start over? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Drywall Seems - Bubbles in Tape

    The bubbles are usually the result of trapped air caused by either not applying enough pressure to squish out the excess mud and air or by exerting too much pressure and removing all of the mud, which acts as glue for the paper tape. For bubbles, cut them with a utility knife and apply a small piece of tape as a patch. For side tape lift, lift the edge of the tape and work new mud under it.
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