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    Default painting linoleum tile

    Has anyone had any experience with painting old linoleum tile squares? I have a bathroom in a home built in 1958 - the tile is dull, shineless. I would like to paint it a lighter color to brighten up the room. I DO NOT plan to sand or remove the tile for a replacement floor because I am thinking that the tile has asbestos in it due to having been built in 1958. If anyone has any knowledge/experience having painted a linoleum floor, I'd sure appreciate your input/advice. Thanks.

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    Default Re: painting linoleum tile


    Whereas you ceratinly could paint this flooring, it would end up looking just like painted tile flooring. I would sooner consider merely going right over the existing flooring with new self stick tiles. Such tiles can be bought very resonably and would result in a much more finished, professional look.

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