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    Default New sprinkler system or fix old one?

    I have a large yard (1.1 acres), and the existing sprinkler system was put in around the time the house was built (1983). When I turned on the system for the summer, two of the zones were leaking, and 5 or 6 of the heads need replacing (we have 56 heads total, in 13 zones). I've gotten two different recommendations for my sprinkler system. The first one is to replace the whole system, pipe included, and add a backflow preventer (the old one didn't have one). The second one is to just replace all the heads, which would be a LOT cheaper, and fix the two zones that are leaking.

    What should I do -- repair or replace? This system is 25+ years old -- how long should the underground pipe last?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: New sprinkler system or fix old one?

    If the current system provides adequate coverage, then repairing it makes the most sense. You may also want to plumb in a back flow preventer as part of the repair. PVC pipe doesn't go bad, so there's no reason to have to change it out other than if the system was poorly designed and has poor coverage.
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