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    Default old house with sloping floors towards enter of the house

    i'm trying to buy a 80 year old house , everything is perfect for me but the sloping floor really a concern. the floors seem all slope towards the center of the house, i don't know how serious of the slope but you can really fell once u enter the house. is ther a structural probelm here?

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    Default Re: old house with sloping floors towards enter of the house

    most likely a pier has given way. Installing new supports under the house can be a problem. Ask for a engineering inspection and an estimate from a foundation spe******t to factor in the expenses of fixing this problem.

    You might be able to get your loan increased to cover the expenses or use the costs of the repair to ask for an allowance to to cover the repair.
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    Default Re: old house with sloping floors towards enter of the house

    If you tackle this yourself, there's some gotchas:

    *Lift the house very slowly -- no more than 1/4" per day. Faster will increase the amount of cracking you get in the walls.

    *You'll probably get cracking in the walls anyway, especially if there has been remodeling done after it started settling.

    *After you level the floor, cabinets, doors, windows, and other fixtures may be all out of whack.

    It's always good idea to check the levelness of the floors and correct it before starting any remodeling project. Failure to do so can make it impossible to correct the slope later.
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