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    Default paint old bath tile

    Tile from the 1930's. Former owner painted all white over black and white tile and now some of the paint is peeling off. How do I prepare the tile to repaint and what type of paint should I use?

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    Default Re: paint old bath tile

    I'd try a liquid stripper and get the old paint off...actually I'd say its time rip it down and retile.
    You also don't say where the tile is/ Over a tub? Floor, backsplash?
    Or take some 1/4" hardiback and glue and screw it over the old tile if you insist on keeping it up. Pre drill holes through the new HArdi through the old tile and shoot new screws in....
    Gee...I really hate myself now for even suggesting
    nite ***
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    Default Re: paint old bath tile

    For the same reason you 'need' to repaint, you shouldn't. Either use a paint stripper to take it down to all bare tile, or do a complete retile job if you don't like what's there. Otherwise you're completely negating all the benefits of tile in the first place.

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