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Thread: Tub faucet flow

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    Default Tub faucet flow

    When I turn on the cold water tub faucet, as I normally would, I get full flow but it almost immedately begins to diminish to a trickle. If I open it up more it will go back to a full steady full.

    Several months agon I replaced the little rubber "washer" as it was dripping and that took care of the problem.

    So what is causing this flow problem?

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    Default Re: Tub faucet flow

    Sometimes the screw that holds that washer you replace can come loose, I'd take the faucet apart again and make sure that everything is where it belongs, is in good condition, and tight.
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    Default Re: Tub faucet flow

    We ran into something very similar. Turned out to be a small rock which made its way to the second floor shower. Go figure. May also be a lump of solder.

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