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Thread: Rattling pipes

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    Default Rattling pipes

    My downstairs toilet has not been used much until one of my children moved back home. My daughter uses the downstairs bathroom and when she flushed the toilet I thought the house was going to blow up.

    I am not sure what it is and it does not affect my upstairs toilets. Does anyone have any information what this might be?


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    Could be a venting issue, especially if your toilet vents through the roof, and the one you are having problems with is on the first floor, which means the air has a longer distance to travel before it can vent effectively. The trapped air can rattle the pipes and make it sound awfully loud.

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    If it only makes the noise while the toilet is filling then chances are there is something stuck in the water supply line, most likely in the shut off valve. I'm not sure what you mean by blow up.

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