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    Default Water Coming out of Both Shower Faucet and Shower Head

    We purchased our home earlier this year and the upstairs shower has an issue where the water comes out of the shower faucet and shower head at the same time and this is before I pull up the plunger on the faucet. When I pull up on the plunger, the water does what is should and comes out of the shower head only. It is a Price Fister brand and I went to the local hardware store and purchased a new "cartridge" and replaced it, but that did not fix the issue. Currently, I do not have access "inside the wall" to see the plumbing configuration. I would have to cut a service entry. We do have quarter turn valves in the basement that turns off the water to the shower. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!


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    Default Re: Water Coming out of Both Shower Faucet and Shower Head

    Do you know what the pressure of the water coming in to your house is?

    If it is too high (over 60 PSI), what can happen is the water flow is greater than what the spout can handle, so some water is forced up the standpipe and out the showerhead.

    Your local hardware or home improvement store should have a pressure gauge that attaches to a hose faucet; it's inexpensive. You might find it among the irrigation parts. Measure the pressure when no water is running; this is the static pressure.

    If the static pressure is over 60 PSI, I recommend installing a pressure reducing valve (aka regulator) on the incoming water line and adjusting it to 60 PSI.
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