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    Default Chandelier Help?

    Looking to buy this chandelier but before i do I would like to know if I can mounted on a slope ceiling,

    Ceiling is about 12 feet highest point and lowers point is 8 Feet.
    if anyone has a better idea on a nice chandelier feel free to post the link i m open.

    thank you

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    Default Re: Chandelier Help?

    Hard to say, it doesn't show how it is mounted.

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    Default Re: Chandelier Help?

    Page won't load for me.

    As long as the electrical box in the ceiling is rated for the weight of the chandelier and the length of hanger rod/chain adjusts to your height needs, then there is no reason it wouldn't work. You may want to consult with an electrician who can tell you whether the ceiling box is up to snuff or not and what it will take to make is so if necessary, including hanging the chandelier for you.
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    Default Re: Chandelier Help?

    It looks like it hangs from a chain with the cord threaded through the links of the chain. As noted by A. Spruce, the electrical box must be rate to carry the weight of the chandelier. A box rated for a ceiling fan should work fine.

    12x60 watts, that's quite a load, 720 watts. Your electrician will need to check the circuit for any other heavy loads. You could use LED bulbs to cut the load by quite a bit. I have seen some candelabra (CP) base bulbs with a flame shape and "Edison" type yellow LED filaments. They give a very warm glow much like a candle flame but only use about 5 watts but give the equivalent of 40 watts. They were 3 for $20 at Costco, but they would look good in that chandelier.

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