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    Cool Basement Crawlspace Suggestions

    In my basement I have access to a concrete foundation crawl space running under my kitchen (approx 6'W x 15'L with a height of ~3'). It is about 4' above the basement ground level, so you need to prop yourself to get in. Was looking for suggestions on ways to make it accessible and for storage ideas. Currently, there is an air conditioner and heating unit inside the crawl space (half way down along the left side) with duct work along the upper area.


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    I would say to build a cabinet that is knee high to the crawl space, that is to say, when you're laying flat on your belly in the crawl space, your knees should be supported by the cabinet. This will allow you to easily get into a position to enter/exit the crawl area, even if you have to use a step stool or ladder to get onto the cabinet.
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    Default Re: Basement Crawlspace Suggestions

    I always thought that if I had a low ceiling crawlspace with a cemented floor, that I would permanently keep a mechanics creeper down there. Would sure beat crawling around on your knees!

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