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    Default Removing "air chanbers"

    I have, what I believe are called "air chambers" attached to the hot and cold lines running to my kitchen sink. I wish to install shut off valves on these lines and there is room to do that on the cold line but because I have the dishwasher shutoff on the hot line, there is no room because of the "air chambers". If I remove these air chambers, will water hammer be the result? What are your suggestions? Thanks

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    Default Re: Removing "air chanbers"

    Howdy Mike .... welcome to the forum.... how's God's country these days ?

    What type of water hammer arrestor ( air chamber ) is currently installed?
    Is it simply the extended copper pipe running parallel with the supplies or a fitted type.
    Either way these arrestors can become water logged and will become ineffective when that occurs...... though the fitted types can be drained fairly easily restoring the air chamber.

    Anyways .... before I get too long winded ..... you might try removing the arrestor and see what happens. If you get hammering you may need to reinstall the arrestor and locate the shutoff further upstream ... perhaps in the basement ( if possible ).

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Removing "air chanbers"

    i agree with canuk, take the one off and if you get a hammer knock put it back on (plan B).

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