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    Default 1920's stucco house in Upstate NY

    I have a 1920's stucco house in upstate New York. It is obviously not the right climate for these houses. These houses were built by a guy named Winchester and there are nearly 2 beautiful streets full of them. My problem is, it has been painted, but the paint blisters off after one year. What would be the best way to waterproof and paint this type of house? I'm wondering if it needs to be sand-blasted to it's original stucco and the simply waterproofed. It's been painted about 3 times in all its years. After all the scraping and caulking I've done, it would be great to get a reasonable solution. Thanks very much.
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    Default Re: 1920's stucco house in Upstate NY

    The reason the paint is bubbling of this two fold. Your house is having trouble breathing and the water (vapor) is pushing the paint off. You cannot stop the water, it will come through. If water gets behind the stucco (between the stucco and the house) it will start to damage the house. Did the house get insulated recently? If incorrectly done the house cannot breathe and the paint will come off. The best thing to do is to chemically remove the paint and wash the surface then install a lime wash which will breath and if cracks appear it will heal them.This is technology that is thousands of years old and it still works better than many modern solutions.

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